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harold martinez – dead man (2014)

‘DEAD MAN’ (2014)

After a first album noticed ” Birdmum “, released in 2012, Harold Martinez is back with a second disc, the aptly named ” Dead Man .” It more ambitious level of production , instrumentation and sound, soon found this very personal touch that makes the soul music of Harold , a sort of imaginary road stretched across the southern United States and convoluted paths of Cévennes ( French mountains )
Harold Martinez more than ever with his alter ego drummer and multi-instrumentalist : Fabien Tolosa, tells us in this new opus stories of life, death, ghosts, melancholy and incredible encounters, all on background of sharp guitars , identified by a tribal rhythmic , hypnotic that enchants the mind without letting you respite.
Our Nîmes duo now flirts with electricity fairy, spawning a place in the sun , somewhere between Jon Spencer, Nick Cave, The Black Keys, The Black Angels , while keeping an eye or an ear on films Sergio Leone and sound illustrations by Ennio Morricone .



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