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Abracadabra is a magical retro guitar oriented rock band from the south of Norway. The band was founded in January 2016 and is the lovechild of the steaming hot relationship between Mr. Andersen and his Fender Stratocaster. Andersen has always had a burning heart for guitar oriented retro rock, but somehow he stumbled across a pointy Jackson guitar and fell deep in to the dark and misty metal scene, where he played guitar in bands like Algol in addition to the recent technical deathmetal band named Deathseeker. Little would he know that his poor heart quietly was suffering and longing for that groovy rock music. One night he was struggling with a heavily syncopated metal riff in his studio he heard a sort of a quiet sob from the corner of the studio. He looked over and saw the old Fender Stratocaster collecting dust on its stand in the corner. It was almost like the guitar was using it’s last breath to whisper; Don’t forget your true passion! Andersen stumbled across the room and took his old friend in his arms and immediately recognized the good old handshake. He plugged it in and tracked some old riff he had made in his earlier years of playing. By the time he had tracked the bass and laid the drums on the riff he felt completely reborn. He opened a cold bottle of beer and drank it while listening to the result, gradually realizing that this is what he really was supposed to be doing all these years!

The track from that night is posted on Soundcloud under the name “Sneak preview”. Andersen have since then been boiling over with new riffs and ideas soon to be released on Soundcloud. He is currently upgrading his studio with some new vocal equipment and is over-thrilled to have found back to his musical roots.

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